Throughout history artists have striven to bring life to their art in order to create the illusion of a perceived world. One of the enjoyments of art is the act of creation, it is having no limits to one's imagination. Whether it be through drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, or computer art. Artists try to create the illusion of life and movement in their work.

The word 'animation' is derived from anima, the Latin word for soul or spirit. The verb 'to animate' literally means 'to give life to’.

Animation is the combination of movement and time to create an illusion that is manipulated in extraordinary ways. Animation is the merger of technology, artistry, and storytelling at its finest.

Walt Disney put it best when he said, "Animation can explain whatever the mind can conceive."

This introductory course deals with creating the illusion of movement through animation. Animation is a bridge between traditional and computer art. That is why this class will be separated into traditional and computer animation. This class will require students to learn both drawing and computer techniques. Students will also study movement, perspective, graphic design, art history, visual literacy and the principles and elements of art in composition.